BROOKLYN BEFORE - photographs, 1971 - 1983     Larry Racioppo


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TR-01 C-02 83-21 IstComm Photog 8x10copy

TR-02 D-08 71-21 40thStRecGirls 8x10copy

TR-03 D-09 71-01 47StGuys 8x10copy

TR-09 G-05 74-25 Laundro7Av 8x10copy

TR-10 G-03 SG4x5NINE-A School2 8x10copy

TR-15 H-11 75-15 1stComm store 8x10copy

TR-17 H-17 79-30 SJ-FenceCrwd1 11x14copy

ZLR-01 D-14 74-40 StorefrontCple 8x10copy(1)

TR-13 H-02 76-12 Witch ProsAv 8x10copy

ZLR-06 D-11 72-02 SHandballCt6Ave 8x10copy

ZLR-05 F-25 77-19 ItalPowKids 8x10copy


First Communion Girl with Camera,  1983


Girls with 45’s 40th Street, 1971


Pete and Friends, 47th Street, 1971

Laundromat at Night, 7th Avenue, 1974

Classroom, St. Johns, Grammar School, 21st Street, 1976

Clothing Store Window at Night, 1975

Good Friday Procession Participants Outside St. John’s, 21st Street, 1979

Three Couples in the Storefront, 7th Ave., 1974

YoungWitch on Halloween, Prospect Avenue, 1976


Handball Court in the Rain, 6th Avenue, 1972


Teens and “Italian Power” Graffiti, 12th Street, 1977


   Images on exhibition by Larry Racioppo, BROOKLYN BEFORE photographs,1971 -1983


Tabla Rasa Gallery 224 48th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11220
Sunset Park ARts Community ( SPArC )
718 833,9100