Feeding Time by Howard Jones

Spaghetti Western by Howard Jones

Heaven and Hell by Anne Kornfeld

Agnes Murray - Monotype

William Kentridge etching

William Kentridge etching

Griselda Healy - Ferry










Thorney Lieberman - Joaquin Gallegos 30x86 edition of 18

Thorney Lieberman - Jayla Iron 21x45

Howard Jones - Feeding Time
Archival Ink on Watercolor Papet 44x66. Click for 300dpi

Howard Jones - Spaghetti Western
Archival Ink on Watercolor Paper 44x66. Click for 300dpi.

Anne Kornfeld - Heaven and Hell - Archival Pigment Print

Agnes Murray - Monotype. Click for 300dpi.

William Kentridge - Etching. Click for 300dpi

William Kentridge - Etching. Click for 300dpi

Griselda Healy - Ferry - Archival Ink on Watercolor paper 16x14.
Click for 300dpi.